I sit on a bench overlooking a lake in Ohori park, Fukuoka city. The sun disappeared a while back behind a smudge of clouds, not the best of sunsets.

My bike is propped up behind the bench, packed up with damp clothes and weathered road maps. Tomorrow I will sell the bike, just taking my bits and pieces back with me to Tokyo.

I don’t feel much right now, no jump for joy feeling of success, just calmness but with a urge to pursue my next dream.

I’m just waiting now, with little money in my pocket and with no contacts here, I just wait.

Either side of me are 2 men, their bikes also propped up against benches. One sleeps while the other reads a book, I have a feeling they are homeless by the loaded bikes that are look tattered and worn.

Its getting dark now, I should start looking for a camping spot. Hopefully I wont be doing much more camping for a while after this. I am looking forward to my own bed and TV I have to admit. But still it has been manageable. maybe I never really had a good nights sleep, usually due to uneven ground, crazy end of the world style weather, or the sound and sight of bear activity just feet from where I lay. But I could not have done this trip with the tent, I have certainly become allot more stronger from those experiences.

Now my last day in Fukuoka, not much going on, just the constant need to eat and satisfy my hunger, well as much as I can with the remaining 100 yen coins! which translates to a curry bun, cream danish and a ice cream.

I just cant wait to be back in Tokyo, a month away has really made me miss my hangouts on those streets. Well in just 11 days I will be flying back to the UK, which I am also excited about; but also have some small apprehension as to my future there.

One thing that this trip  has taught me though is persistence, to keep going even when you feel like crying, as the rewards can be just around the corner, or the next, or the next.

I have also learnt how much I can get done in one day. Waking up at 5.30am and cycling across 2 pages of my road maps; say about 100km, makes me feel proud. Hopefully this will continue into my studies and take me to the top! well lets see.

I have the confidence now to commit to my illustration work now so success in my final year at uni and future employment is my next dream; a bit different from cycling across Japan, but I’m sure just as or more challenging.

So in the end did I fix my broken heart through my soul searching adventure? well kind of! I do feel I have finally moved on from dwelling on past memories and wishing things would be different. I believe I am stronger and braver, maybe a bit more than I imagined I could be. Seems I always like a bit of drama in my life, but enough of the depression and low confidence. I have proved to myself that I have the power to succeed in my ambitions, the ones I don’t succeed in such as past relationships, well then they where ultimately not right for me and more of a stepping stone for me to realize my true purpose and potential.

Back to the cycling, would i do it again? not for a very long time. A 2000KM solo trip is hard going but rewarding. I feel I have got what I needed from painfully climbing those mountains, so I don’t have the motive to start planning the next trip.

And if I did, next time some good company would be nice. Across South America? a Trans-Siberian cycling trip anyone? In fact forget the bike, I’m upgrading to something with a motor!

Well I hope this blog has entertained and informed those of you who have been following me over the past month and a bit. I has been really uplifting to receive some lovely messages that have motivated me to keep on going when I had felt it was all too hard. A few even touched my heart with such kind thoughtful words, so thank-you.

This will be the last post regarding my trip, however I will be updating and developing Likethewind.co.uk over the coming months. As some of you may already know, I will be producing a illustrated book, depicting the highs and lows and as much randomness that I encountered on my cycling trip.

Thanks for reading,